Tobin Arthur • November 27, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019 is here and Denver is covered in a snowstorm. It’s a perfect setting to get the Holidays started, and it’s my favorite time of the year. One of the key reasons I love Thanksgiving is because I like to reflect on the year that has passed and remember the people who have been a part of my life. That’s not to say the year hasn’t had its share of obstacles and adversity, but on balance it’s been terrific.

Since this is a post on our company blog, I will skip the gratitude I have for family. Instead, I want to focus on the friends and colleagues who have contributed to the growing AngelMD community.

AngelMD has an extremely talented and hard-working team. It’s led by Michael Raymer, Steve Foster, Dave Farmer and John Cox. Each is amazing and it’s fun to watch their talent in motion.

We have some incredible new additions to our product team including Taylor Dollarhide and Chris Losacco. They are the most talented product – designer duo I have ever worked with and I can’t wait to see what they release for our members in 2020.

Dave Farmer has begun to assemble a really sharp digital studio team that includes Tyler Patterson and Kelsey Seufer. Their digital magic has already begun to impact our community.

Our engineering staff are diligent day in and day out with the foundation provided by Ryan Stephens and Andrew James. We recently added Ty Hyten and Danielle Mullane and they spent no time starting to contribute.

Brad McCarty is our remote Marketing Director from Nashville and even though he is out of site most of the time, he is very much appreciated across the board for all his talent.

Charles Emley, Jeff Ross MD, Reed Hatch, Andrew Malloy and Paul Schuber anchor our financial operations organization and work closely with Mark Mescher who oversees startup operations. All of them work their tails off and are constantly looking for new ways to improve the community experience and drive stronger investments in the process. Roger Hauptman keeps us on track with his thoughtful approach to General Counsel efforts.

While I would stack this team up against any team, we are all blessed to work with amazing startup entrepreneurs from around the world and physicians who are the underpinning of our medical system. The hard work and dedication of both our entrepreneurial community and physician community is the immediate thing they share in common. None of them know what a scheduled break is and we get to see their work in motion every day. Ultimately, all of them want to improve their part of the healthcare system to better serve patients.

There are a few amazing physicians I want to thank by name as they have been a key part of the AngelMD team: Mark Froimson MD, Wendy Whittington MD, J. Michael Bennett, MD, Fred Duffy MD, Ronnie Mimram MD and Joe Macaluso MD.

Finally, I want to thank some of our strategic partners. Specifically, Catalyst HTI, The American College of Cardiology and Delta Dental of Colorado.

As I reflect on the growing ranks of members and partners dedicated to healthcare innovation and committed to life-long learning, I cannot approach the holidays with anything less than a deep sense of thankfulness.


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Image Credit: AngelMD