Team AngelMD • October 1, 2013

Often startups are hesitant to with put information online because they’re still trying to figure out exactly what they want to say about themselves. They also worry that a website is a significant expense they’re not ready for. Both of those are valid concerns, but neither should stop you from putting up some kind of website. Building your internet presence early is important.

Concern 1: I’m not sure exactly what we want to be saying yet
Do you have even a few broad sentences that you’re comfortable with? A good stock image with a couples of lines of text can be a fine website for the moment. At least put up a plain, single page with a sentence about yourself and a way for people to contact you. Then as you decide on your messaging, you can update that page.

Concern 2: We’re not ready for the expense of a website
You can set up a very basic site for $50 – $500.

  1. You can register a domain name for about $10.
  2.  Then you’ll need to set up hosting, which can be $5 – $10/month. This sounds technical, but some hosting company are set up specifically to help individuals host their sites easily. CNet has options worth looking at. Once you’re ready for a more substantial website, the people you hire for that project can help you switch your hosting to another service if necessary.
  3. Now install WordPress on your domain, which is generally free. Your web hosting company will usually have an FAQ page about how to do it, or have phone support that will walk you through the process. You do not need high level technical skills to do this.
  4. Add some content to your site. WordPress can be a little tricky at first, but a moderately internet-saavy person at your startup should be able to set up something basic. Alternatively, you could hire someone for a few hours of work, to set up a very simple site for you.

Bare Minimum
At the very least, you could install WordPress and then get a free plugin like Ultimate Coming Soon Page. This will let you add an image and a little text, and show visitors that you have website coming at some point. A nice benefit of this plugin is that you work on your website in the background and see what it will look like, while making sure that any site visitors just see your Coming Soon page until more of your site is ready.

It is worth a day of time to get a very basic internet presence started for your company, as early as possible.


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Image Credit: Pixabay