Tobin J Arthur • February 5, 2017

The NFL and TMCx accelerator (Texas Medical Center) joined forces on Saturday to produce the second annual 1st and Future startup pitch event. Members of the angelMD team had the opportunity to participate helping to prepare the startups for the big event and attending the event itself. The venue was TMCx where angelMD has a growing Houston office.

The event featured 9 companies competing in 3 categories.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott introduced the event with a speech that demonstrated his commitment to healthcare innovation in Texas and a command of the Texas Medical Center operations specifically.

Xconomy provides a nice recap of 1st and Future HERE.

Meanwhile, across town the NFL Players Association was hosting another startup pitch event where players are able to view and invest in startups. This provides another great opportunity for startups to gain investors who can help guide and support the company. The coalition formed to create this deal flow is called OneTeamCollective and a recap of their event can be found HERE.


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Image Credit: Texas Medical Center