Team AngelMD • December 20, 2016

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Listen.MD’s patent-pending Intelligent Digital Scribe will provide a 10x return on investment for providers by intelligently automating the functions of a human scribe. Patrick Leonard sheds some more light on his innovative enterprise:

  1. Where did the idea for Listen.MD originate?

After spending 6 years building iTriage to serve healthcare consumers, I wanted to work on improving the experience for healthcare providers. After our second daughter was born, my wife and I talked about how challenging it is for our pediatrician and other doctors – how much time they spend on the computer and how rushed they they appear. When I learned that doctors now spend more than 50% of their day doing data entry, I knew that was where we could make a difference.

  1. What are a few of the key characteristics that make your team uniquely qualified to make this a success?

The Listen.MD team has unparalleled experience delivering industry-leading digital health solutions including iTriage and MedPassage. iTriage has been used by more than 20 million individuals and still has a 4.5 star rating after 7 years. We have delivered some of the most widely used and highly rated digital health experiences in the world. Healthcare providers rarely get that exceptional consumer-grade user experience – we are bringing this experience to them.

  1. In one or two sentences, what is the problem you are solving?

Physicians now spend 50% of their time doing data entry into electronic health records systems and only 12% of their time with patients, resulting in physician burnout and over $40 billion in lost productivity. The medical scribe market is large and growing fast, but most practices and hospitals can’t afford to pay the cost of a scribe to do data entry for their physicians. Listen.MD’s patent-pending Intelligent Digital Scribe will provide a 10x return on investment for providers by intelligently automating the functions of a human scribe.

  1. What are some of your biggest challenges to date?

We continually push ourselves to make the merger of the technology and user experience so smooth that it is seamless with the typical clinical flow for most providers. This is a continual process. We believe we have created a platform that achieves this goal and we keep this concept of providing an exceptional user experience as a core value for Listen.MD.

  1. Describe three things that drive the growth of your company.

Listen.MD is positioned for exponential growth over the next few years based on the strong physician led demand for change in how EHRs are accessed and data entered, the need for increased revenue and decreased practice cost for large systems, as well as the unique low friction to expand our platform globally.

I. Physician demand for change

If you talk to almost any healthcare provider one of the first things they will mention is their frustration with the large amount of time they spend entering data. Listen.MD will significantly decrease the time the physician or helathcare provider will spend doing direct data entry. We believe this physician lead demand for better solution to data entry is growing each day and validating the need for a solution like Listen.MD.

II. Health system need to increase revenue and reduce cost

As the tighter demands and margins are placed on health systems and providers they are looking for ways to improve efficiency in providing care. Scribes have been utilized as a way to improve care efficiency by allowing the physicians to focus more directly on patient care versus data entry. Human scribes are expensive – Listen.MD makes scribe functions available at a fraction of the cost.

III. Global expansion

Around the world, doctors and clinical staff have conversations with patients and need to document those conversations. The goals and workflows are very similar. Listen.MD is built for global healthcare delivery. We will first expand into other English-speaking markets and then add support for additional languages as well as language translations.


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