Tobin Arthur • January 3, 2020

A central theme for the AngelMD community from the outset has been one of life-long learning. Specifically, our team includes some avid readers. I count among my personal mentors some of the many authors I have read over the years. I learn from their successes and failures as chronicled in their books. I benefit from the research they conduct to author their books and from the intellectual stimulation they provide.

Today, I am introducing a new way to support and engage our startup community. I want to invite you to join our monthly book club. Each month I will select a book that members of the club will read together. (If you’ve read the book before, re-read the book with fresh eyes.) I have created a Slack channel for members of the club. Each week I will post some questions to keep you progressing on the reading assignment. Toward the end of the month, we’ll open the discussion to ways in which you learned from the book or ways in which it resonates with personal experiences. 

Some months I will include the actual authors in our discussion. This will be a fun opportunity to ask them questions or hear insights that may not have made their way into the final written work.

The goal for this club is three-fold:

  • Foster camaraderie amongst healthcare startup entrepreneurs. This can be a lonely endeavor and we want you to rub shoulders with people working through similar experiences.
  • Create some accountability for ongoing personal learning and enrichment. It’s easy to cut this out when you are in startup survival mode.
  • Develop new tools and methods that will help you build and run a more successful business. You may even decide to implement the book club concept among your team.

A few rules:

  • This is a no stress group. Especially busy in a given month and cant get the reading done? No big deal. Do what you can. You will get out of this what you put in.
  • The discussions will be conducted in a true spirit of camaraderie. We want to help each other win. All ideas are welcome.

Getting Started

  • Register HERE (have friends or coworkers who might want to join? Send them this link)
  • Join Slack Channel HERE
  • Check out the reading assignment once you get into Slack…
  • Have fun

January Book of the Month: We aren’t wasting any time. The book for January 2020 and for our inaugural effort is What You Do Is Who You Are by Ben Horowitz. 

I am starting with book for a few reasons. First, I believe the old saying by Peter Drucker: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Culture is critical to building the company we want. That said, most people have no idea what culture actually looks like beyond nonsensical mission statements or buzzwords. Horowitz takes a fresh approach to addressing the subject and I found it compelling.


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Image Credit: AngelMD