Tobin J Arthur • May 31, 2018

Over the past few months, you’ve probably seen us talking about AngelMD Premium. It is a program designed specifically for AngelMD physicians and investors. To answer the inevitable questions about AngelMD Premium, I wanted to take a few minutes to explain each of the benefits, and why we chose them.

First Look

Premium members are given the first opportunity to invest (and to lead investments) on the AngelMD network. We know how important deal flow is to the success of every investor, so AngelMD Premium ensures the best possible deal flow in the world of healthcare startup investing.

AngelMD Insights Reports

In order to make sure that AngelMD members see the most promising startups, we spend time reviewing each one that signs up to the network. As a byproduct of this work, we are able to spot trends that not only impact the population of AngelMD, but also the healthcare landscape as a whole. Our Insights Reports are a listing of key findings when they are most relevant.

Investor Insider Webinar

Each month, you’ll be invited to our Investor Insider webinar. The AngelMD team will spotlight startups that are capturing the most feedback on the network, as well as companies that are about to enter the syndicate investment process. It’s your chance to get a “heads up” on what’s coming into the pipeline, and ask questions directly to AngelMD’s Investment Operations staff as well as the startup CEOs.

Quarterly Healthcare Investment Report

In Q1 of 2018, there were nearly 700 individual Form D investment filings submitted to the SEC. The AngelMD team distilled these filings, surfacing the trends, categories, and investment sizes that made the most impact so far this year. Each quarter AngelMD Premium members get full access to our Healthcare Investment Reports, helping them to stay informed so that they can make data-driven investment decisions.

Starup Insider Podcast

Each month AngelMD interviews entrepreneurs, giving our Premium members a recorded program that showcases innovation while addressing funding and other challenges associated with starting a new company.

Alpha Conference Discounts

AngelMD Premium also provides a steep discount to Alpha Conference, our unique gathering of healthcare innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs focused on early-stage medical startups. The next event will be held in Monterey, CA on January 3rd, just prior to the JP Morgan Health Care Conference. The conference fee is $1,250 but discounted to $375 for AngelMD Premium members that register early. Premium members also receive a highly discounted companion pass.

AngelMD’s website, newsletter, and blog will stay free for investors, physicians, and startups. These elements are focused on helping our members learn how to be better angel investors, and how they can impact healthcare beyond their practice through advising and investing in promising companies that they believe in. AngelMD Premium is our offering to help offset the costs associated with producing detailed, extensive reports and insights that our most serious member-investors have requested.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

AngelMD Premium is for Physicians and Investors


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