Team AngelMD • August 12, 2013

This week we would like to bring to light (pun intended) one of the world’s premier diagnostic imaging technologies: LLTech. Based in Paris, France, LLTech emerged in 2007 from research conducted by co-founder Claude Boccara . The resulting product is the Light-CT, a high-resolution imaging device for cellular-level biological tissue imaging. It performs non-invasive and non-destructive real-time optical biopsies.


LLTech boasts an impressive balance of Technological, Clinical and Commercial Expertise, with Bertrand Le Conte de Poly, Founder and CEO at the helm, LLTech is uniquely positioned to take the international imaging community by storm. Mr. Le Conte de Poly is an established leader in technology and product development in France and the US. He has managed several collaborations with major research and healthcare institutions such as M.D. Anderson, Institut Curie, and renowned Hospital Tenon.
The Light-CT system is a high-resolution (1µm 3D) pathology scanner that performs optical slicing beneath the tissue surface at selected depths. Within a few minutes, the tissue architecture and microstructure is revealed, in 2D and 3D, without damaging or modifying the sample under analysis.

In the context of tissue imaging for cancer diagnosis, LLTech anticipates the following benefits:

  • Better image quality: the full-field OCT technology employed by the Light-CT Scanner is the sole technique to offer axial resolution (i.e. in the vertical, z-axis) of 1 µm, which gives the best image clarity and precision.
  • Speed (rapidity of diagnosis): the technology currently enables image capture on a 1 cm2 region of tissue in 4 to 5 minutes, thereby enabling immediate quality control of biopsies.
  • Avoiding patient recall in the event of complex biopsies that require hospitalization and/or anesthesia.
  • Non-destructive technology that allows reuse of the biopsy: no need for dyes, contrast agents or tissue freezing
  • Analysis can be carried out remotely
  • Ease of use: LLTech products can be employed directly. No calibration or complex set-up procedure is necessary. User training is completed in under half a day.

Visit to see LLTech’s profile and more in depth video presentations on the Light-CT technology.


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Image Credit: LLTech