Team AngelMD • November 30, 2016

angelMD hosted the second part of our Digital Health Challenge on November 18th (RSVP), providing a valuable opportunity for a select group of digital health startups to showcase their companies and ideas in front of potential investors. The goal of the Digital Health Challenge is to bring fresh energy to the digital health industry by helping the outstanding digital health startups raise early stage capital.

Today’s #DigitalHealthFeature is Patientory. 

1.Where did the idea for Patientory originate? patientory-on-any-device

We founded Patientory from our frustration with patients not being able to have a central depository of their own health information as well as access support from a community and the many startups under promising to achieve this holistically.

2.What are a few of the key characteristics that make your team uniquely qualified to make this a success?  

We have an experienced team. Prior to starting Patientory I built the Insurance Guide product at Sherpaa Health a VC-backed B2B company, as well as achieving notable international published healthcare research and over 10 years in the healthcare industry conducting research and leading teams. Our technical Co-Founders has senior experience for leading technology companies and our advisors and mentors have achieved successful exits to companies such as Blackberry, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and Medtronic.

3.In one or two sentences, what is the problem you are solving?

There is a lack of a centralized patient’s record data depository in the US that allows lifelong access to medical records from all providers as well as support communities targeted towards improving health. This problem is exacerbated for patients with chronic diseases where they typically visit several medical institutions and want to be more involved in their own healthcare management to improve health.

4.What are some of your biggest challenges to date?

Having CIOs at larger hospital centers sign off on access to the EMR and bringing this to the global healthcare markets.

5.Who (university, incubator, etc) has given you the most help in getting your company off the ground? Please describe them and what they contributed.  

Boomtown Health Tech Accelerator in partnership with the Colorado Medical Group is the most helpful in getting our business off the ground. We received mentorship from over 15 physicians and contacts with non-profit organizations to help us fine tune and strengthen our value proposition.

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