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Medical Device

Light Line Medical
NeuraLace Medical
Odin Technologies
Woven Orthopedic Technologies

Patient Care

Beam Health


Transfer Doc

Data Science







Enlil Therapeutics
ViCardia Therapeutics
Halo Mountain




Eco Fusion


BioMagnetic Solutions
Animated Dynamics
Vuja De Sciences

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AngelMD Friday Roundup – April 6, 2018

The Friday Roundup is a collection of five stories that you need to know about each week. From policy, to innovations, look to us to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the healthcare industry.

Neurogenesis May Continue Into Adulthood

Ah, the brain, what a funny organ you are. There’s long been debate whether or not the number of neurons in your brain becomes fixed once you reach adulthood or your brain continues neurogenesis, the process of creating new neurons.

A new study out of Columbia University points to the latter, finding evidence of new neurons in brains up to 79 years old. The study specifically looked at the hippocampus, and found similar mixes of old and new neurons in both. However, researchers also found the protein which aids neuron creation was less present in older brains.

The Monster in Your Gut

Last week it was super gonorrhea, this week it’s “nightmare” bacteria but thankfully it’s (relatively) good news this time. The network setup by the CDC to track the bacteria is helping control the spread of them.

These bacteria earned their name by being virtually untreatable – even by “last resort antibiotics.” The bacteria have appeared in all ages and genders, and have been most commonly found in people who’ve spent time in nursing home and hospitals.

GE Selling Part of Business to Veritas

The private equity firm will receive part of GE’s healthcare IT business for a little over one billion dollars. Veritas announced it will work with GE leadership to morph the value-based care unit into a stand-alone company.

Veritas will also own GE’s revenue-cycle, ambulatory care and workforce management software unit, with the deal expected to close in Q3.

Surgeon General Issues Advisory on Naloxone

US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams is recommending that Americans begin to carry naloxone, a drug that treats opioid overdoses. Adams stated that research indicates making naloxone and overdose education available saves live.

Many likened the recommendation to encouraging someone to become CPR-certified as both are life-saving measures. Obviously treatment with the naloxone isn’t enough alone, treating opioid addiction takes far more time and resources.

Digital Health Has Largest Q1 on Record

After a record setting 2017, digital health is on track for another huge year. The sector hit $1.62 billion in the U.S. for the first three months of 2018.

The surpassed the monster 2016 Q1 of $1.41 billion, with one of the biggest deals being Roche’s acquisition of Flatiron Health for $1.9 billion. Total money in digital health hit $5.8 billion last year, and is expected to perform strongly in 2018 as well.

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