On Call Season 1 Episode 4 – Innovation Large and Small

Culture is a word that gets tossed around a lot in the technology industry. Giants like Facebook and Google credit their ability to attract highly-skilled employees to their culture, recruiting coordinators pen articles about how to decipher if a company’s culture fits with your own, and many younger companies hold all-hands brainstorming sessions to determine what they want their culture to be.

Fostering a culture of innovation is an important step for cities looking to bolster their economy with a healthy startup ecosystem, but it’s easier said than done. In this episode of On Call we talk with Gina Luna, CEO of Luna Strategies and Chairman of the Board for Houston Exponential (the city’s innovation initiative), about what it takes to build that culture and how startups can ensure their own success.

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On Call Season 1 Episode 3 – Finding Balance in the Practice of Medicine

I’m going to point you in a direction that will seems soft and squishy but I guarantee you not only does it matter, I think it’s a real avenue of opportunity to find Alpha that we are so desperately seeking.

That’s how Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright, President and CEO of the Medical Group Management Association, introduces the idea that balance plays a vital role in medicine and can help investors identify the strongest medical startups. Using the idea of balance and the story of how the hospital gown was designed, episode 3 explores why patient experience should always be the first focus of providers and investors.

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On Call, S1E2 – What Does it Take to Innovate?

Medical devices have been developing rapidly over the past decade. From smart scalpels to 3D printed bio scaffolding, there’s potential for innovation everywhere – even at your own Home Depot according to Dr. Billy Cohn, a man with over 90 patents to his name

In this episode of On Call, we’ll hear excerpts from presentations given by Dr. Cohn and esteemed cardiologist Dr. John Simpson at AngelMD’s Alpha Conference that took place at the beginning of this year.

Drs. Cohn and Simpson provide insight into the $400 billion industry that is medical technology through stories of the their own journeys from prototype to product and advice for the next generation of innovators.

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Podcast: On Call, S1E1 – The Rise of Wearables

Earlier this year, Gartner estimated that revenue from wearables would hit over 30 billion dollars this year. Roughly 50 percent of that is generated by smartwatches. The industry has some familiar faces in longtime consumer tech developers like Apple.

Wearables are all about data. How far you walk. How many calories you burned. Your heart rate. What does this trove of data mean for public health? It’s got to be valuable right? Well sure, but some things should be considered.

People who own wearables aren’t exactly representative of the nation’s population. Wearable owners skew male and have a higher average income than the general population. There are also no standards for reporting, and no central database for the information. Models have been prevented, and most include a lot of data mapping to standard semantics, which would enable analysis and segmentation of the information.

The data associated with wearables could be both useful and detrimental for an individual. A handful of studies like one being conducted by Apple and Stanford could crack the code to widespread preventative medicine.

We discuss these issues and more in the first episode of On Call with AngelMD with special guest Dr. Wendy Whittington.

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