Innovation4Alpha Se2 Ep5 – Dr. Ronnie Mimran

In this episode, Tobin and Dr. Ross sit down with Dr. Ronnie Mimran. Dr. Mimran is a graduate of UCLA and the USC Keck School of Medicine, and completed his neurosurgical residency and spine fellowship at the University of Florida. He earned his Cornell MBA in 2018. He is a board certified neurosurgeon in active practice in the Bay Area, and serves as the team neurosurgeon for the Oakland Raiders.

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An Additional Opportunity to Invest in VICIS

One of the greatest strengths of AngelMD comes from our pipeline of investment opportunities. Today we are sharing one of them with you. Each hand-picked Premium Syndicate offering must meet rigorous standards, but VICIS is one of the strongest offerings we’ve ever had. The AngelMD community has invested in this cutting-edge sports helmet company in the past, and we’re excited to offer an opportunity to be part of the VICIS success story.

The story of VICIS started at the University of Washington. Sam Browd, a Pediatric Neurosurgeon, believed that sports-related concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) needed better solutions. Dr. Browd partnered with a leading engineer and an executive with extensive medical device experience to form VICIS.

For the past three years, VICIS has been named the safest helmet in football as measured by the NFL and the NFL Players Association. The company has 28 NFL teams, more than 200 NCAA programs and 1500 high school programs using its ZERO1 helmet this year.

The VICIS success story is evident through its sales. Demand for the ZERO1 helmet, and for forthcoming VICIS products continues to grow. The balance of 2019 will focus on football. In 2020, the company is launching into hockey with direct involvement from leaders like Wayne Gretzky and Brett Hull. The company also plans to expand into lacrosse, soccer, and even military applications. 2021 will begin the expansion into new categories.

This is a great opportunity to invest in a company and a product that is directly responsible for the first notable improvements in concussions and subsequent cases of CTE. This AngelMD Premium Syndicate is raising a minimum of $2 million in a convertible note in advance of a Series C round. To date the company has raised $85 million.

To learn more, and to start join this Syndicate, please click here.

Please invite your colleagues to become part of the AngelMD community. The more subject matter experts that we have participating on the platform, the more great opportunities like VICIS that we can bring to our members.

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Innovation4Alpha Se2 Ep1 – Tobias Carlisle of The Acquirer’s Multiple

In this episode of Innovation4Alpha, Dr. Ross and Tobin Arthur interview Tobias Carlisle. Tobias is the founder of The Acquirer’s Multiple, which is a program that helps investors identify deeply undervalued stocks.

On top of founding the program, Tobias also manages a fund and an ETF under the Acquirer’s Fund brand, and he is the best-selling author of the book The Acquirer’s Multiple.

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Innovation4Alpha Se2 Ep1 – An Interview with Raoul Pal of Real Vision

Raoul Pal is an outspoken investor whose current mission in life is to change the face of financial media. He joins us from his home in the Cayman Islands to discuss his outlook on macro trends in investing, and why healthcare is one of the best areas to put your money.

Raoul’s background is diverse, but focused on finance for the past thirty years. He worked at Goldman Sachs where he ran the hedge fund sales business. He then ran a global macro hedge fund for the largest fund in Europe. For the past fourteen years, he’s written macro-economic strategy. To say that Raoul knows the industry would be a massive understatement, so we’re looking forward to learning what he has to share.

Raoul Pal
Million Dollar Traders (BBC)
Cayman Islands
Recession: Officially 2 quarters of negative GDP growth
Negative Yields
TLT – long bond ETF
Euro dollar futures
Quantitative Easing
Stock Flow

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