AngelMD Opens its Healthcare Investment Platform to Dentists

AngelMD is proud to announce that it is expanding its platform to enhance the engagement of its growing dental community. AngelMD is a platform that brings startups, healthcare experts, and investors together to provide better outcomes for patients, startups, and investors alike. Until today, dentists had a less pronounced voice on the network. But the $138 billion oral health market is ripe for innovation, and via AngelMD the nearly 200,000 dentists in the United States can help source, advise, and invest in the most promising dental health innovations.

“With innovations in alignment, 3D-printed implants, and high-resolution imaging–to name a few–the time is right to welcome dental professionals into the AngelMD network,” said Tobin Arthur, AngelMD CEO. “We are already seeing traction with dental-focused startups, so adding the expertise of practicing dentists will help us to find and assist the companies that have real clinical promise.”

The AngelMD network is already home to thousands of physicians who offer their time, expertise, and investment dollars to help drive the future of healthcare. The dental community on AngelMD will play an equally critical role in identifying startups, scoring those companies on their clinical importance, and making syndicate investments with their colleagues.

The AngelMD investment team sees a significant opportunity for early acquisitions of startups in the dental market. The industry as a whole is looking to fuel its growth in this highly-competitive segment, with applications ranging from hospitals to clinics, and home use as well. Based on the best available data, AngelMD expects the dental consumables and equipment markets to see a combined annual growth rate in excess of 15 percent over the next five years.

For more information, or to register as a dentist on AngelMD, please visit

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AngelMD Investor Group Closes Funding Round in HeartHero

Today, a group of AngelMD network investors is proud to announce its investment into HeartHero. HeartHero is a Denver-based company that has developed a smaller and lighter automated external defibrillator (AED) to increase the survivability of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The AngelMD syndicate has invested over $500,000 into HeartHero’s oversubscribed Series A round of funding.

SCA claims over 350,000 lives each year in the United States alone. For every minute that an SCA patient goes untreated, their survival chances drop by up to ten percent. AED intervention dramatically increases the patient’s chances of survival, but AEDs are widely unavailable outside of a hospital or professional setting.

“AngelMD’s investment and physician network is proof that a better outcome is wanted for Cardiac Arrest,” said HeartHero CEO Gary Montague. “They have been pivotal in helping us increase our reach with partners and opening doors to accelerate our company to save lives sooner. These connections would have otherwise been challenging to make, and for this, we couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

At half the size and weight of AEDs currently on the market and using standard consumer batteries, the HeartHero AED can be carried easily or stored at home by people at an increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest or their family. The HeartHero device guides the user through the resuscitation process with CPR prompts along with an auditory and visual guide.

“The portability and affordability of the HeartHero AED will save lives. By decreasing the time to life-saving defibrillation is how Elliot will improve the outcomes of sudden cardiac arrest,” said Dr. Bill Quirk, emergency room physician and HeartHero Chief Medical Officer. “We believe death from SCA is preventable. Our AED will empower family members and good samaritans to treat the #1 cause of death in the USA. The Resuscitation Revolution is here. HeartHero is excited to develop and deploy key tools in the chain of survival with our partners at AngelMD. Together we will save lives.”

The AngelMD syndicate investment follows HeartHero’s recent string of successes. The company was named as the winner of the American College of Cardiology’s Innovation Challenge pitch competition, as well as the American College of Emergency Physicians innovatED Innovation Challenge.

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AngelMD Portfolio Company Saranas Awarded FDA De Novo Designation

The ultimate goal of AngelMD is to facilitate improved outcomes for startups, investors, and ultimately for patients. Today we are proud to share the news that Saranas, an AngelMD portfolio company, has obtained FDA clearance for its Early Bird Bleed Monitoring system. 

A recent study of over 17,000 large-bore transcatheter interventions showed that nearly one in five patients experience a bleeding-related complication. Saranas’ novel early-detection system addresses an unmet need for real-time detection and monitoring of these problems. The company’s last funding raise, in which AngelMD was also a proud investor, allowed for Saranas to submit the De Novo application to the FDA and launch a multi center clinical pilot within the United States.

Saranas originated from the Texas Heart Institute at the Texas Medical Center. Its goal is to provide real-time monitoring without the need for radiation, and at a lower cost than the status quo. 

The Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System is now being piloted across multiple centers to assess its versatility, and to increase patient safety. The company plans to launch the system commercially in selected centers across the US.

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Check out Your New AngelMD Startup Dashboard

We’re always looking for ways to improve your AngelMD experience. Today we’re letting you know about some improvements that we’ve made to your Startup Dashboard.

It all starts with the design. We’ve given your Dashboard a makeover that focuses on making your life easier. You’ll now see a larger version of your logo on the left side of the page. If you want to edit your company information or your settings, you can do so by clicking on the three dots to the right of your logo. You can still access your settings from the top right, but we wanted to make it easier for you to keep your profile up to date.

The right side of your Dashboard now includes a snapshot of your visitors from week to week. Now you’re able to see the results of your work on AngelMD at a glance. Not getting the eyeballs that you want? Make sure you are posting status updates and sharing information through your profile.

Speaking of posting startup news, it’s now easier than ever. The new interface in the middle of your screen gives you quick access to share a message. If you make a mistake, don’t worry, this isn’t Twitter. You can easily edit a post by hovering over its top right corner and clicking the three dots to bring up the Edit or Delete options. Your new Activity Analytics will let you know, at a glance, who has been watching what you’re sharing.

If you’re curious about who will be seeing those updates, that’s now easier to track as well. You can now see all of your company’s connections across the AngelMD network. Investors, Advisors, and Followers are all available from the box on the right side of your Dashboard, with the option to quickly follow someone back if you so choose.

To finish out this round of updates, we’ve also given you a whole new set of controls for promoting and tracking your funding rounds. We know that raising money is time-consuming, so we wanted to make AngelMD the easiest way for you to meet your goals. You can add funding rounds, and then track them directly from the sidebar so you can the information you need when you need it.

We love getting your feedback, and we look forward to hearing what you think about these new Dashboard updates. Have something on your mind? Drop us an email and let us know.

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Introducing AngelMD’s Strategic Alliance with the Rapacke Law Group

AngelMD is proud to announce its strategic alliance with The Rapacke Law Group. This alliance will help AngelMD members navigate the legal side of healthcare startups without the expense required to keep a lawyer on retainer. The Rapacke Law Group offers award-winning, price predictable legal counsel to AngelMD startups, physicians, and investors.

At AngelMD, we’re always excited when we find companies that can help to remove some of the heavy lifting required by startups, physicians, and investors on the network. The Rapacke Law Firm is offering a special set of benefits specifically to AngelMD members that will not only help them handle legal issues, but will also save them money in doing so.

  • Free one-hour strategy session with an experienced attorney
  • 20% off all legal services
  • Free provisional patent application
  • Up to $15k line of credit for one-year toward legal services

Patent, trademark, IP protection, business formation and M&A are areas of focus that every company and investor will encounter at some point on their journey. However, neither startups nor investors have the legal expertise to make sure that their interests are well protected. This strategic alliance with the Rapacke Law Group can help to cover these needs, while also offering legal counsel in many other areas.

For more information, or to get started, visit the AngelMD Service Partners page, and click on the Rapacke Law Group link.

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