Showcasing The Future of Digital Health

While everyone expects a decline in venture funding, 2016 has been another strong year for Digital Health. Digital Health startups finished the first half of 2016 with a total venture funding of over 2 billion dollars. As one of the industries that receive a lot of attention, Digital Health still has space to grow. With this vision in mind, angelMD brought 5 leading Digital Health startups in front of many potential investors at the Washington Athletic Club on October 5th. These startups were the winners of our Digital Health Challenge.

Digital Health Challenge is a valuable opportunity for the startups to showcase their ideas and achievements. Since August, we received an impressive amount of applicants, making our selection competitive. Based on the applications, and our custom scoring algorithm, angelMD chose 5 winning startups rewarded with the opportunities to present in front of a room full of physicians and investors in Seattle and Houston. These five winners and presenters are:

Eko Devices (profile)-Jason Bellet (COO)

Listen.MD (profile)-Patrick Leonard (CEO)

Medici (profile)-Clint Medici (CEO)

Monclarity (profile)-Kyle Meyer (Director of Marketing), Uzi Hadar

Precision Image Analysis (PIA) (profile)- Mary Waiss (CEO)

The Digital Health Challenge is not only a great opportunity for the digital health startups raising capital, but it also helps investors learn more about the companies. After our Seattle event, feedback from investors indicated they were thoroughly impressed with the mixture and caliber of the digital health startups presenting at the Digital Health Challenge. “Our goal is to drive investment capital for these deserving companies, then get to work helping them to succeed in the marketplace” Tobin Arthur, CEO angelMD.

In addition to the Seattle event, angelMD is going to hold another event in Houston on November 18th (RSVP). The five winners will have the valuable opportunity to present to larger audiences and investors.  

About angelMD:

angelMD is a software platform and marketplace that connects medical startups, physicians investors and industry to generate better outcomes for all. angelMD’s mission is to invest the future of healthcare. For more information, please check out angelMD website:

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Digital Health Challenge

Software is revolutionizing the world and on October 5 angelMD will showcase 5 leading digital health companies working to impact healthcare across a spectrum of use cases at the Digital Health Challenge.

Join us for a fun evening of innovation, appetizers, drinks, live music and camaraderie. There is no cost.






Precision Image Analysis, Kirkland, WA

A unique solution that reduces the cost, improves the efficiency and offers improved standardization of the technical measurements of diagnostic medical image analysis.



monclarityMonclarity, San Francisco, CA 

Developers of Brainwell, the online cognitive trainer that develops a sophisticated, personalized training regimen with applications in aging populations, weight loss, drug addiction and more.




Listen.MD, Denver, CO

Listen.MD’s patent-pending Intelligent Digital Scribe will provide a 10x return on investment for providers by intelligently automating the functions of a human scribe.



ekoEko Devices, Berkeley, CA

Enabling clinicians across the care spectrum to get a clearer understanding of patient cardiac function through a platform of non-invasive devices, clinical software, and innovative algorithms.




Medici, Houston, Texas

Paid texting platform that is easy, secure and HIPAA-compliant. Physicians get paid to text with patients, on their schedule.



“Whether you are a healthcare investor or curious as to how software is impacting the most important market in the US, you should join us for the Seattle or Houston presentation of the Digital Health Challenge.” – Jens Francis, CTO angelMD

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Upcoming Regional & Online Events

Upcoming Regional & Online Events



HOUSTON – Digital Health Challenge Event #2

This is the second of 2 cities in a nationwide Digital Health Challenge in which angelMD will feature 7 of the leading digital health startups in the US.

Attendance is for members of angelMD including physicians, family offices, industry and hospital executives, venture capitalists and angel investors.

Appetizers and drinks will be served along with live music from 6-6:30.

November 18, 2016 – 6PM – 8PM

TMCx – Houston, TX


Thursday 11/17 (TMCx Device Showcase)RSVP HERE

Friday 11/18 (Digital Health Challenge) – RSVP HERE




New Startup Orientation

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Details:  The webinar will cover how to:

 1. Effectively raise capital
      the syndication process, catalyst fund, pitch event
2. Maximize exposure
social media, blog and profile updates
3. Registration Tips


New Investor Orientation

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Details: The Webinar will cover:

  • How to find potential startups
    • Website, Social Media
  • The evaluation procedure
    • SAB and Algorithms
  • Fund management and syndicate leaders
    • Requirements, Responsibilities and Expectations



Scientific Advisory Board Summit

Scientific Advisory Board Starbucks Roastery

This past Friday and Saturday, angelMD had its first Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) Summit in Seattle, Washington. Led by Chief Medical Officer Richard Wohns, MD, JD, MBA, the SAB is comprised of national leaders in each of their respective specialty fields.

Over the next few months, we’ll be introducing you to each of the members individually and sharing more about how they help syndicate leaders and fund managers evaluate investment candidates.

The summit wasn’t all work. The group was able to take a tour and conduct a tasting at the now famous Starbucks Roastery flagship store.


We’ve included a few pictures.Scientific Advisory Board Starbucks Meeting


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angelMD’s Medical Innovation Club – Houston

Join us for the inaugural meeting of AngelMD’s Medical Innovation Club – Houston. Family offices, venture capitalists, physicians and angel investors will all meet for a casual Happy Hour meeting at 6:30PM on June 28. For more information please contact Mark @

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