Introducing the ACC.19 Innovation Challenge

Returning for its second year, the American College of Cardiology will partner with AngelMD to host the popular ACC.19 Innovation Challenge. Entrepreneurs and innovators will pitch their ideas in two categories that support cardiology. The ACC.19 Innovation Challenge is being hosted at the Future Hub Learning Destination (Expo Hall, #146) at the ACC.19 Annual Scientific Sessions in New Orleans, LA on March 17 & 18, 2019.

Your AngelMD startup profile is your application, so make sure that it is up to date. The deadline for profile updates is January 15th, 2019. 

The Categories

Artificial Intelligence Solutions – Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is the use of algorithms and software to approximate human cognition in the analysis of complex medical data. The primary aim of health-related AI applications is to analyze relationships between prevention or treatment techniques and patient outcomes. Does your innovation have the ability to gain information, process it and give a well-defined output to improve the practice of cardiology? Apply to pitch

Digitally-Enabled Medical Devices – Utilizing digital technology to enhance your medical device innovation, providing valuable data that can be used to improves efficiency, care and outcomes. Is your medical device for cardiology enabled with digital technology? Register today.

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AngelMD and ACEP Announce Winners from the ACEP18 Innovation Challenge

There is likely no one place more impacted by innovation than the emergency room. That’s part of the reason why AngelMD is proud to be in association with the American College of Emergency Physicians. A field of over 60 healthcare startups in emergency medicine applied to participate in the ACEP18 innovatED Innovation Challenge. Through an evaluation process completed by 50 emergency physician members of AngelMD, the top 4 innovations in medical device and top 4 innovations in digital health were selected to participate in pitch competitions in the innovatED exhibit space at ACEP18. Additional startups were allowed to exhibit in the space as well.

The presenters, determined by emergency physicians from ACEP and AngelMD:

Digital Health Category: DiA Imaging Analysis, inContext Reporting, navigatER, UBQ

Medical Device Category: CoLabs, HeartHero, Kestrel Labs, Linear Health Sciences

The exhibitors, determined by emergency physicians from ACEP and AngelMD:

Digital Health Category: HealthPals, Through the Cords, Output Medical

Medical Device Category: Aeronyde, Clinivantage, Format Health

After all of the pitches were complete, a panel of four emergency medicine experts deliberated on the winner. Attendees of the Innovation Challenge, as well as well as those watching the live stream through AngelMD also cast their vote for their top innovation. With the audience favorite counting as the fifth judge, over 350 participants cast their votes for winners from the Digital Health and Medical Device categories.

UBQ was chosen as the winner for Digital Health. The company specializes in helping emergency departments increase revenues, decrease cost, and improve the care experience for both patients and staff. UBQ’s Resource Prediction Machine uses artificial intelligence to predict the severity of patient illness on arrival. This helps provide for better triage, more efficient queues, and treatment clarity.

In the Medical Device category, HeartHero was chosen as the winner. HeartHero is focused on changing the dismal outcome of sudden cardiac arrest. The company has developed a smaller, lighter AED than any that is currently on the market. The device is powered by a standard 9-volt battery, and is perfect for use in any at-risk household.

Each winning company received a prize package that includes a $5,000 credit toward investment syndication services through AngelMD. These services include investor accreditation verification, the creation of a special purpose vehicle for angel investors, stock issue documents, the collection of digital signatures, collection of funds, and escrow service for the investment syndicate.

The two companies will be invited back to ACEP’s 2019 conference in Denver, where they will be provided with a booth space valued at over $3,000.

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Join AngelMD at the IGNITE Fire Pitch Competition

AngelMD is proud to be a part of the Annual Greater Houston Women’s Chamber/IGNITE Fire Pitch Competition. It will be held October 25th at TMCx and we don’t want you to be left out. The Competition showcases innovative, women-led tech startups focused on solving some of the most challenging problems in healthcare. Eight finalists have been selected from a pool of accomplished applicants from across the globe. They have been vetted and coached by industry experts in preparation to pitch to an audience of potential customers, potential investors, and interested parties while competing for prizes awarded by presenting sponsors TMCx and JLabs. This year, AngelMD’s Dr. Wendy Whittington joins the team of advisors. The invitation and registration provide more specific details about the event.

Adrianna Cantu, CEO of Austin based Reveallix was last year’s winner. She was awarded admission to the TMCx Digital Health Accelerator Program which she successfully completed this past June as well as a $15,000 Convertible Note. Revealix has amassed a rich and deep network of medical, scientific, regulatory, and reimbursement experts who are actively engaged in efforts to successfully bring their digital health solution to market. Through the ongoing engagement with Adrianna’s 2017 Fire Pitch Coach, Terri Burke, these connections extend beyond Texas and into Silicon Valley. Revealix is now positioned to attain the next critical milestone on the company’s roadmap, developing their Diabetic Limb Surveillance solution to enter the market in 2019. Adrianna is readying the company for their initial raise of seed capital in Q4 2018. The Fire Pitch Competition played a key role in accelerating her company’s growth.

With your support, the GHWCC can make Houston a leader in identifying, investing, and growing successful women led startups. Sponsorship details can be found at the Ignite section of the GHWCC website.

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Here are the Startup Presentations from Alpha Conference 2018

Over the course of two days at the beginning of January 2018, AngelMD gathered together a group of speakers, investors, physicians, and startups for our inaugural Alpha Conference. Alpha, as an investment-focused term, is considered as the active return on an investment. For us, we wanted the attendees of Alpha to feel like they got more than they paid for, and that includes the six incredible companies that were chosen to present.

In the weeks that have followed, we have had a lot of requests from people who wanted to see the presentations that these companies gave, so we have gathered them here into a single post for you.

Beta Cat Pharmaceuticals

Beta Cat, a Houston-based company currently in residency at JLABS, is taking the unique approach of a beta catenin inhibitor, and the methods have shown extraordinarily promising results.


Otomagnetics has developed a delivery system that essentially acts as a magnetic syringe. This system replaces a needle or surgery-enabled administration by magnetic forces acting on biocompatible magnetic nanoparticles, that can deliver drugs, genes or proteins through tissue barriers to hard-to-reach targets.


To reduce the incidence of neonatal mortality and morbidity, Noninvasix is developing a patient monitor to directly, accurately, and noninvasively measure brain oxygenation in preterm babies in the NICU.


PharmaJet has created a user-friendly, inexpensive device platforms provide a “needle-free” fluid injection into the body, which are able to compete with traditional needle-syringe delivery, which inherently poses costly needle-stick, re-use and pass-along disease issues.

Seal Rock Therapeutics

Seal Rock Therapeutics is a preclinical-stage company developing a best-in-class treatment for inflammatory and fibrotic diseases with few or no available therapies.


Sensulin, a company based out of Oklahoma, has developed a unique drug delivery method that acts similarly to a healthy pancreas. This Agglomerated Vesicle Technology (AVT) could also find its way to working with other drugs that require a stimulant response.

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Mazama Spine Summit 2018 – A Recap

Mazama Spine Summit held another successful installment of an event Richard Wohns, MD, JD, MBA began 18 years ago. Held at the Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop, WA, the event attracted spine surgeons and affiliated clinicians from all over the country. Despite sporadic weather challenges on the mountain passes, most attendees were able to make the trek and the event had record attendance.

This year AngelMD expanded a pre-conference innovation session started in 2017. Tobin Arthur, AngelMD CEO kicked off the event with an interview of renowned spine surgeon and innovator Stephen Hochschuler, MD.

Four companies were invited to present and spend the weekend networking in a unique and intimate setting with innovative physicians. The four companies were:

  • Minimus Spine: Offers a bridge between epidural steroid injections and discectomy. They developed a Triojection System to facilitate a safe and consistent intradiscal injection of ozone gas to treat herniated discs.
  • NovApproach Spine: Providing patients with scar-free spinal surgery and surgeons with an appealing procedure that helps them grow their practice.
  • Karuna Labs: Developed a software that treats chronic pain using immersive virtual reality therapy.
  • Empirical Spine: The LimiFlex device is an alternative to spinal fusion for patients with instability such as degenerative spondylolisthesis.

After the start-up presentations, Stan Monlux, AngelMD VP of Marketing shared insights gleaned from the 2017 Private Investment in Healthcare Technology Report.

The afternoon event was concluded with a private coffee tasting by award winning Blue Star Coffee Roasters based in Twisp, WA. Owners Meg and Dan Donohue personally presented three coffees including the oldest blend in the world – Moka Java.

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