Innovation4Alpha Podcast Se1 Ep7 – PE, Convertible Notes, and SAFEs

We’re joined for this episode by attorney Roger Hauptman. Roger works with both startups and investors, so he has a keen understanding of how to structure deals that are fair to both sides of the equation. Our discussion this week delves into preferred equity, convertible notes, and SAFEs. Roger talks with Tobin and Jeff about the differences between them, and what you need to know.

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AngelMD Investor Group Closes Funding Round in HeartHero

Today, a group of AngelMD network investors is proud to announce its investment into HeartHero. HeartHero is a Denver-based company that has developed a smaller and lighter automated external defibrillator (AED) to increase the survivability of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The AngelMD syndicate has invested over $500,000 into HeartHero’s oversubscribed Series A round of funding.

SCA claims over 350,000 lives each year in the United States alone. For every minute that an SCA patient goes untreated, their survival chances drop by up to ten percent. AED intervention dramatically increases the patient’s chances of survival, but AEDs are widely unavailable outside of a hospital or professional setting.

“AngelMD’s investment and physician network is proof that a better outcome is wanted for Cardiac Arrest,” said HeartHero CEO Gary Montague. “They have been pivotal in helping us increase our reach with partners and opening doors to accelerate our company to save lives sooner. These connections would have otherwise been challenging to make, and for this, we couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

At half the size and weight of AEDs currently on the market and using standard consumer batteries, the HeartHero AED can be carried easily or stored at home by people at an increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest or their family. The HeartHero device guides the user through the resuscitation process with CPR prompts along with an auditory and visual guide.

“The portability and affordability of the HeartHero AED will save lives. By decreasing the time to life-saving defibrillation is how Elliot will improve the outcomes of sudden cardiac arrest,” said Dr. Bill Quirk, emergency room physician and HeartHero Chief Medical Officer. “We believe death from SCA is preventable. Our AED will empower family members and good samaritans to treat the #1 cause of death in the USA. The Resuscitation Revolution is here. HeartHero is excited to develop and deploy key tools in the chain of survival with our partners at AngelMD. Together we will save lives.”

The AngelMD syndicate investment follows HeartHero’s recent string of successes. The company was named as the winner of the American College of Cardiology’s Innovation Challenge pitch competition, as well as the American College of Emergency Physicians innovatED Innovation Challenge.

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