AngelMD Opens its Healthcare Investment Platform to Dentists

AngelMD is proud to announce that it is expanding its platform to enhance the engagement of its growing dental community. AngelMD is a platform that brings startups, healthcare experts, and investors together to provide better outcomes for patients, startups, and investors alike. Until today, dentists had a less pronounced voice on the network. But the $138 billion oral health market is ripe for innovation, and via AngelMD the nearly 200,000 dentists in the United States can help source, advise, and invest in the most promising dental health innovations.

“With innovations in alignment, 3D-printed implants, and high-resolution imaging–to name a few–the time is right to welcome dental professionals into the AngelMD network,” said Tobin Arthur, AngelMD CEO. “We are already seeing traction with dental-focused startups, so adding the expertise of practicing dentists will help us to find and assist the companies that have real clinical promise.”

The AngelMD network is already home to thousands of physicians who offer their time, expertise, and investment dollars to help drive the future of healthcare. The dental community on AngelMD will play an equally critical role in identifying startups, scoring those companies on their clinical importance, and making syndicate investments with their colleagues.

The AngelMD investment team sees a significant opportunity for early acquisitions of startups in the dental market. The industry as a whole is looking to fuel its growth in this highly-competitive segment, with applications ranging from hospitals to clinics, and home use as well. Based on the best available data, AngelMD expects the dental consumables and equipment markets to see a combined annual growth rate in excess of 15 percent over the next five years.

For more information, or to register as a dentist on AngelMD, please visit

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Innovation4Alpha Se2 Ep1 – An Interview with Raoul Pal of Real Vision

Raoul Pal is an outspoken investor whose current mission in life is to change the face of financial media. He joins us from his home in the Cayman Islands to discuss his outlook on macro trends in investing, and why healthcare is one of the best areas to put your money.

Raoul’s background is diverse, but focused on finance for the past thirty years. He worked at Goldman Sachs where he ran the hedge fund sales business. He then ran a global macro hedge fund for the largest fund in Europe. For the past fourteen years, he’s written macro-economic strategy. To say that Raoul knows the industry would be a massive understatement, so we’re looking forward to learning what he has to share.

Raoul Pal
Million Dollar Traders (BBC)
Cayman Islands
Recession: Officially 2 quarters of negative GDP growth
Negative Yields
TLT – long bond ETF
Euro dollar futures
Quantitative Easing
Stock Flow

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Innovation4Alpha Podcast Se1 Ep8 – Dan Ferris, Author of Extreme Value

In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Jeff Ross interviews Dan Ferris, author of Extreme Value. Dan is an accomplished investor, and has wisdom to share with the Innovation4Alpha listeners. Make sure to read Dan’s writing, .Extreme Value, published by Stansberry Research.

Dan Ferris – Extreme Value
Agora Financial
Bill Bonner
Porter Stansberry
Alteis Minerals 
VIX (Fear Index)
Skew Index (Volatility but based on options)
The Most Important Thing – Howard Marks
Dan Ferris on Twitter

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Innovation4Alpha Podcast Se1 Ep7 – PE, Convertible Notes, and SAFEs

We’re joined for this episode by attorney Roger Hauptman. Roger works with both startups and investors, so he has a keen understanding of how to structure deals that are fair to both sides of the equation. Our discussion this week delves into preferred equity, convertible notes, and SAFEs. Roger talks with Tobin and Jeff about the differences between them, and what you need to know.

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