Alexa Kawahara • December 28, 2017

For most of us, it’s easy to name something about which we’re passionate. It’s safe to say that many of us don’t follow that passion. Ted DellaVecchia is definitely the exception. As CEO and Managing Partner of Symbotix, Ted is focused on building innovative ecosystems within healthcare. We’re looking forward to welcoming Ted and getting his insights at AngelMD’s Alpha Conference, on January 5th and 6th in Napa, California.

Ted has been a mainstay in the world of healthcare for over two decades, having been drawn into Capital Blue Cross in the late 90s to help turn around a struggling venture. Looking across his years of work, what you’ll find is that he understands that it’s not enough to any one problem — innovation has to happen in every aspect of healthcare. The end results are improved revenue, net profits, market share, care delivery models, and of course clinical outcomes.

Beyond his role at Symbotix, he is also the founding chairman of the Healthcare Industry Transformation Project (HITP). The HITP is a group of advanced healthcare organizations that is collaborating to bring transformation to the healthcare industry through IT-enabled business models that can fuel rapid growth and (when necessary) dramatic pivots. One area of focus for the HITP is to bring event-driven analytics to the forefront of healthcare, in order to influence clinical outcome and promote consumerism in the industry.

Every element of Ted’s talks and his work reflects on his passion for healthcare, and on fixing the broken, disparate systems that power the industry. He’ll be joining a distinguished group of doctors, healthcare innovators, and other investors as we cultivate an environment of learning focused on better understanding and capitalization of healthcare innovations. Join us at AngelMD’s Alpha Conference, and help shape the future of healthcare.


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Image Credit: Ted DellaVecchia