Brad McCarty • December 7, 2017

While everyone around AngelMD is passionate about bringing innovation to healthcare, we get excited when new ideas surrounding innovation come to light. Rasu Shrestha is a Radiologist by trade, and he serves as the Chief Innovation Officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). He posits that the focus of innovation should be on making the technology invisible, but that doing so will require a change in our behavior. Rasu will be joining us at AngelMD’s Alpha Conference, held in Napa, California from January 5th – 7th.

We’ve quite blindly moved from analog into digital by moving everything that was analog into the digital form factor.

It doesn’t take long to understand the premise of Rasu’s theory — what we’ve done is good, but how we’ve done it needs improvement. In a recent talk with Redox, he states that it’s not enough to just have good data, but that the data needs to be translated into knowledge, and then knowledge into insight. It’s only by freeing these data silos that we’ve created that we’ll be able to enable clinicians to influence behavior changes.

His second point in the Redox interview is one that strikes home for us at AngelMD. “The future of healthcare is going to be built on the strongest of partnerships.” This is something that we not only believe internally, but also facilitate through our network of physicians, investors, and startups. We truly believe that we don’t pick winners, we help create them. Beyond that, we know the power of partnerships through our work with the American College of Emergency Physicians, and the American College of Cardiology.

You’ve probably seen Rasu’s work around the Internet, or you might have seen him speaking at an innovation-related event. He’s also a prolific sharer of information via his Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, so make sure to follow him ahead of his talk at Alpha. We look forward to what he has to share and picking his brain on the topic of innovation in healthcare.


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Image Credit: Rasu Shrestha