Brad McCarty • December 21, 2017


If only we had a crystal ball. Predicting the future of healthcare is far from easy, but data can tell us a lot of the story. As Sr. Managing Director, Global Head of Healthcare Strategic Consulting at Accenture, Matthew Collier is tasked with doing just that. We’re looking forward to welcoming Matthew and getting his insights at AngelMD’s Alpha Conference, on January 5th and 6th in Napa, California.

His role at Accenture means that Matthew spends a good part of his time tweaking and redesigning business models, helping organizations to understand the evolving needs of their customers. However, his ability to look into the future of healthcare doesn’t stop there. He’s also known for writing industry reports that focus on specific areas such as artificial intelligence that can help young companies and investors alike to better grasp the changing landscape.

In the video above, he makes the argument that healthcare needs to be fundamentally reimagined. But it’s not enough to simply think about things differently. Companies, investors, practitioners, and patients all have a role to play when it comes to bridging the gap between where we are today to where we need to be in the future.

The market change is happening now. It’s not future-speak.

Everything about Matt’s focus is on the future. Not how do we get to the next step, but rather how do we approach the steps beyond that one. If you have some time, make sure to catch this panel from Startup Health that focuses on Digital Disruption to Improve Patient Lives.

Matt will be joining a distinguished group of doctors, healthcare innovators, and other investors as we cultivate an environment of learning focused on better understanding and capitalization of healthcare innovations. Join us at AngelMD’s Alpha Conference, and help shape the future of healthcare.


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Image Credit: Startup Health