Team AngelMD • September 8, 2016

4D Healthware’s founder Star Cunningham featured among Chicago’s female tech founders who have raised more than $1M.  Read more below:

From Built in Chicago (James Risley):

Chicago’s tech scene is vibrant and healthy, but one area where it really stands out is the wealth of female founders who chose it as their startup home. Not only does the third coast boast the highest percentage of female founders of any major tech hub according to a 2015 Compass study, but it’s also seen relatively big rounds of funding for those companies. More than 20 female founders have each attracted over $1 million in funding to bring their products and services to life, with more than $180 million raised by women-founded companies by our count.

Star Cunningham has seen how problematic the health care system can be from the inside. Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 16, she felt that doctors couldn’t accurately keep track of her health even with their multitude of tools and research. Now, she wants to put the patient in control of their health history. 4D Healthware links patients’ fitness devices to an online platform to get a more accurate picture of overall health. The company raised $710,000 earlier this year to bring the platform to market.

You can find out more about Star Cunningham and 4D Healthware here, or visit their angelMD profile.


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