Featured Startup: Cardiac Insight

Dr. David Linker, University of Washington cardiologist, has developed a heart monitor device that is poised to revolutionize stroke prevention. The Stealth Ambulatory Monitor is low cost, low profile and extremely accurate in diagnosing the most common cause of stroke, atrial fibrillation.

In 2010, Linker and CEO Brad Harlow founded Cardiac Insight to produce the device which, including batteries, is the size of a watchband and weighs as little as 10 quarters. It is attached to a patient’s chest with removable glue and can record a heartbeat for 7 days, uninterrupted. Once the Monitor is returned a report can be printed immediately in the physicians office. The report then reveals immediately if the patient suffers from atrial fibrillation.

Cardiac Insight plans to market their device to physicians for about $100 as a disposable Monitor. Compare this to the traditional Holter heart monitor that is cumbersome, has potentially unreliable data, and is expensive: the traditional device costs as much as $2,500.

The company has its license from Dr. Linker’s UW lab, and has attracted some well-known directors to its board, including former SonoSite chairman Kirby Cramer, former Physio-Control president Richard Martin and Dr. Robert Hauser, renowned cardiologist from the Minneapolis Heart Institute.

CEO Brad Harlow is excited to bring this device to market. It has the potential to reach millions of patients and Harlow says, “From an investment perspective, physicians understand it. Not only is it easy to see the value, they will use it themselves.” You can learn more about Cardiac Insight here.

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