3 Resources for Finding Images for Your Startup

First impressions count, and if potential investors are considering your startup, how it looks from the beginning will matter. We’ve seen many early startups with almost no internet presence, and if people are considering investing in you – they will try to find you online.

You can create a very basic internet presence without spending a lot of money. A few strong images can make even a page or two of information look substantially more interesting and polished.

Can you take any free image you find on google? We’d highly recommend that you do NOT do that. Many of those images on google – which appear so easy to right click, save, and then add to your website – are owned by others. There are companies like Getty Images that are well known for sending letters to even very small companies, or bloggers, demanding thousands of dollars if they find a site has been using one of their images without the proper license. (Search “Getty Extortion Letter” to see what kind of experiences people have had.) Whether you consider Getty’s actions “extortion” or a fair response to the many people that have taken their images despite copyright infringement, that is not a situation any start up wants to deal with.

Fortunately, there are several good stock image websites where you can license images to use for a very reasonable price. Here are 3 sites to try:

  1.  BigStockPhoto: with images priced at just a few dollars each, this site is a favorite. They even have a subscription where you can get up to 5 images every day for $69/month. This is a great deal if you intend to build quite a few pages into your website, or are going to blog often.
  2. iStockPhoto: although somewhat more expensive than bigstockphoto, istockphoto is a great option. They have a very nice site layout and great image options. A recent pricing change has substantially dropped the price on half their photos, so this is a site worth looking into.
  3.  Shutterstock: advertising a library of over 25 million photos, illustrations and vidoes, Shutterstock has plenty of choices. Buying 2 images for $29 is the lowest price option, but their package of 25 images for $229 should be enough to give any startup a solid library of images to work with.

With any image source, make sure you understand the copyright associated with it. Using a few strong images in your presentations and website can make a big difference in your first impressions.

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